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Old school meets new school in a national rebranding initiative.



Kaplan College, often confused with Kaplan University, had recently been purchased by ECA and needed a new face and fresh appeal. We were tasked with a nationwide rebranding of this famous institution. We renamed it, gave it a bright new look and communicated the values that differentiate the school. Our rebranding efforts all coincided to reposition the college as an upbeat, aspirational and future-focused institution. It eliminated the long-standing confusion between Kaplan College and Kaplan University while also ushering the school into a new category of schools that appealed to modern audiences. Survey data revealed the primary factors motivating our audience, so we leveraged these insights to promote the school's existing values of hands-on learning, real-world preparation and personalized support. Motivation and empowerment became a part of the school’s new messaging. The brand was carefully positioned to inspire students to pursue career transformation while also ensuring that the instructors would be there to work alongside them to help change their lives and face a brighter future. 



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A Symbol of Success

Through our course of study, we learned that our audience hoped to gain a sense of belonging and prestige by attending school, so our logo needed to tap into these desires. The stylized tree and sun represent newfound stability and hope. The shield shape is classically collegiate – a tried and true indicator of academia and learning. The bright blue color represents possibilities and positivity. Together, these elements create a symbol that feels warm and inviting while also respectable and established.



A True Blue Palette

A True Blue Palette

Blue is an optimistic color with a bright, happy feel. We sifted through many colors arriving at a complimentary set of blues that gave us an appealing range of hues.


The power of a flourishing internal culture can never be underestimated. We knew that for the rebranding to live up to its potential, we needed to energize and invigorate the newly formed internal culture of the institution. We produced and animated a video designed to celebrate the merging of the organizations and honor the tremendous amount of teamwork it took switching to the new brand.

We Gave Learning a New Look

We Gave Learning a New Look

The people-centered values guided the look and feel. People shine brightly in all of the photography, ads and commercials we created. We established an uplifting style that featured natural light, close-ups, authentic people and a diverse sampling of subjects and stories. We highlighted different career programs with television spots that communicated the unique attributes of the career field and the mentoring approach that defines a Brightwood education.

a supportive tone makes all the difference

a supportive tone makes all the difference

We created an admissions kit designed to motivate potential students to aspire to a better career and a better life. The kit delivered practical information and presented solutions to common obstacles in life that prevent many people from pursuing an education. We thoughtfully balanced the tone and visuals to inspire change and instill confidence. 

Enhancing Personal Connections

Enhancing Personal Connections

Our audience can be a bit intimidated to reach out to an admissions associate. As a part of our rebranding effort, we designed Google plus and social profile pages for admissions associates to give them a more down–to–earth and approachable presence. We also designed follow-up tools so they could stay engaged with potential students they’d recently met. 

Simplifying the Online Experience

Simplifying the Online Experience

The brand extended to the website seamlessly. It was exploration friendly, allowing students to discover more about different career paths. We wrote SEO copy for each career page to properly attract students seeking the career-focused education offered by the school.