Branding to Help Your Business Thrive

A Vital Guide for Health and Wellness Brands

In the healthcare and wellness fields, popular trends come and go, but brands with timeless appeal outlast them all. A healthy image is vital to the success and wellbeing of health-related companies. The credibility of businesses in this industry rests on public perception, so you must convince consumers that you are the most qualified provider in the market. Brand is one of the most pivotal factors in healthcare, fitness and lifestyle choices because these decisions are driven by personal values. People must feel a genuine connection to your company’s mission to want to support it. Simply marketing products or services is not enough to win over audiences. To build trust and loyalty, you need to be viewed as a reliable source of information and inspiration. Although there is no secret formula for creating vibrant health and wellness brands, authenticity is a sure and solid foundation. Truth is a magnetic force in the industry. Consumers are attracted to brands that are built on a commitment to higher values. You’ve got to communicate with purpose and passion and live out your brand promise. The best health and wellness companies play a meaningful role in people’s lives. They build a devoted following who believe in their vision of wellness by standing for something greater. Purposeful brands are mindful of every customer touchpoint. Through every brand extension, they cultivate a stronger relationship with patients, clients and consumers. Branding can energize the performance of health and wellness companies, transform perceptions and drive participation. If you want to enjoy a prosperous future, there is nothing more important than tending to the health of your brand.

Here a few pointers to boost the health of your wellness, fitness or medical brand. 

Have a personality. People should feel like your brand is just as relatable as a good friend. 

Village Dermatology

Village Dermatology is a popular medical and cosmetic practice with several offices throughout central Alabama. The clinic cultivates a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere where patients are empowered to look and feel beautiful. Before our branding engagement, their company image did not reflect the warm, unique personality their patients and partners loved so much about them. Tatum Design transformed the existing clinical and sterile branding into a refreshing and relational brand experience that perfectly suited the practice. Our team injected this medical branding project with a special dose of humanity. Welcoming branding, messaging, advertising, posters, packaging and website design set a friendly tone for the entire dermatology practice. Lifestyle messaging and aesthetics infused the clinic with character at every customer touchpoint. Through our collaboration, we designed a spa-like brand that soothes the senses and stirs the emotions like no other dermatology practice in Alabama. Village Dermatology now radiates a spirit of confidence and wellness that is attracting record numbers of patients. It is true that a revitalized brand can be one of the best new business plans.

Patients enjoy the brand experience at Village Dermatology from the moment they walk inside.

Energize your audience. Good health and wellness brands know how to activate and motivate the people they serve.


Cryoxcel is on the forefront of developing new cryotherapy technology that evenly circulates cold air across the entire body. This cutting-edge innovation is designed to help athletes heal in record-breaking time. And this audience loves nothing more than to play their sport. Tatum Design developed an empowering sports medicine brand to give the company a competitive edge in the health and wellness fields. This high-performing brand puts Cryoxcel at the top of its game with an athlete-focused strategy. The logo symbol visually demonstrates how cryotherapy helps heal the body from the inside out. Energetic, graphic lines radiate outward in the same way that cleansing, fresh blood is pushed to the extremities during therapy. The mark also forms an active “C” shape that stands for Cryoxcel. Cool blue machine decals and environmental graphics create a soothing atmosphere for athletes to unwind. A functional, user-friendly website engages and educates potential clients with dynamic infographics, and athletic ads also make a winning first impression online. Cryoxcel is now poised to revolutionize sports medicine with a brand that truly champions the needs of modern athletes.

Cryoxcel is revolutionizing sports medicine with an empowering brand that is focused on helping athletes get back in the game.

Spark a movement. Fitness brands should inspire people to take action. 

Greenwich Barre Studio

Greenwich Barre is a women-owned studio that empowers clients to become the strongest, most beautiful versions of themselves. Each element of the brand reflects the studio’s holistic approach to health. Tatum Design developed a poised and powerful look to represent inner strength. The graceful, fluid lines of the logo evoke the motion of a dancer twirling. This transformative brand is just as focused on the details as their fitness method. Our team styled and art-directed photographs of a fitness model to set the stage for their website launch and grand opening countdown. Environmental ads, sales materials and direct mail postcards helped generate a lot of excitement for their big debut. Elevated signage marked the studio as a destination not to be missed, and the athleisure apparel we designed is now a proud addition to the local street style. The beauty and longevity of the Greenwich Barre Brand resonates with fitness audiences who are interested in more than just a good workout. The studio is not just another trendy fitness brand. It is a likeminded community of women who are dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of health and happiness.

Greenwich Barre Studio fosters a culture of reaching higher, stretching further and becoming stronger. The brand is a unifying force in the fitness community.