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Bellwether Collective

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Instilling confidence and reducing risk with a new handcrafted brand.  



Interior designers and architects are motivated by style and functionality. They are focused on bringing value to their clients' lives by creating spaces that evoke positive emotions. We leveraged our deep experience and expertise with this audience to communicate the value of a never-seen-before product in a very simple and engaging way.



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Creating a Future Household Name

Bestowing the company with a name that symbolized their position as a trendsetter in the industry was the starting point for all the brand decisions we made.



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Establishing a Focal Point

Establishing a Focal Point

The interior design and architect community is largely concerned with how products can help them solve problems. Veering from known solutions to new products can be an uphill battle. The way to overcome this challenge? A clear, purposeful vision and a powerful, focused image. The logo we created set the expectation for a well-refined aesthetic. The clear hierarchy and simplicity exhibits confidence and boldly communicates who they are and what they do.

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Truer Colors

Truer Colors

The color palette was restrained and elegant. The combination of a bold red with muted gray tones allowed for a depth of expression that was easy on the eyes – full of personality without being overpowering.

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When selling designers on a new concept, it has to be love at first impression

When selling designers on a new concept, it has to be love at first impression

We created a sample box experience that was pleasing to the eye and minimalistic in its approach. It was designed to elevate expectations with a clear visualization of the product and thoughtful messaging surrounding all the unique customization.

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Reinforcing a Consistent Tone

Reinforcing a Consistent Tone

The brand pays respect to the repeated patterns of the product with its own repetition of patterns.

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