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For an old world product to enter the digital era, it needs a brand of historic significance.



Domingue is launching a line of architectural finishes that are noble in origins and timeless in appearance. Inspired by the materials of ancient times, they are unlike the products of today. Their lime washes, mineral paints and plasters are natural in composition and sustainable, far outpacing today’s liquified plastic paints. Domingue sought our branding expertise to help them with a national launch of their collection. Our job was to create a brand that would help Domingue stand out from all other “paint” companies in the market. We thoroughly researched the industry and recognized that there was a huge opportunity for Domingue to occupy a look and feel that no one else owned – historical and artisan.



Brand Identity
Sales Materials



Fit for a King
or Queen 

Castles were painted with the same materials Domingue uses today. Masterpieces of old, famous frescos and grottos all used the same techniques Dominque is reviving. In ages past, nobility had sole access to superior pigments and paints, and today Domingue is giving the design and architect community open access to these products. This provenance shaped the brand we created. The crown combined with the paintbrush pays homage to the royal past of lime washes, mineral paints and plasters. These artisan origins influenced the overall look and feel of the brand and extended to every touchpoint we developed. 





History and artistry dovetail in every aspect of the branding. We brought these two elements together, aligning the vision and portraying what success could look like for the company in the future.The product line reflects its rich European origins through photography, design and messaging. 






We visualized Domingue having a brick & mortar space one day and painted an impressionistic picture of what it could become



Before Adorning Your Walls,
Set the Tone

Perception is everything with a new product, so we hand-selected the materials and refined the designs so that the large color samples would make a bold first impression. These samples allow architects and designers to visualize how the finishes could contribute to a space before ultimately selecting the color. 


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 Domingue’s architectural finishes are designed to influence the spaces they inhabit, adding layers of warmth and invitation.

Domingue’s architectural finishes are designed to influence the spaces they inhabit, adding layers of warmth and invitation.

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a Distinguished Kit For the Nation’s top Designers & Architects

a Distinguished Kit For the Nation’s top Designers & Architects

When a premier product enters the market, you must provide a proper introduction to the circles who will appreciate its value. We concepted a launch kit that would be sent to the top 150 designers and architects in the country. It included samples, the look book, preview palette, and an application guide. The strategy was to build rapport with an audience known for high design. 

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On Color

On Color

Presenting samples, swatches and palettes is deceptively simple. It requires problem-solving and an organized system, a color code if you will. The interiors team looked to us for solutions. We analyzed how competitors organize sampling kits and simplified their methods. We devised a structure that would help Domingue’s architectural finishes stand out. The system was minimalistic and accentuated the rich palette with subtle packaging.

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A Full Spectrum of Nature’s Most Prized Pigments

A Full Spectrum of Nature’s Most Prized Pigments

Domingue is setting an unprecedented standard for natural colorants. Eve Ashcraft, a renowned color specialist, has crafted an exceptionally harmonious selection of colors that elegantly address all manner of interior and exterior surfaces. Derived from natural mineral pigments, the colors are subtle yet rich and enduring. In Spring of 2017, Domingue’s full color palette will debut.

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Colors from the Quarry

Colors from the Quarry

Domingue’s plasters are derived from a quarry in Northern Italy and are 100% limestone. We designed a neutral sample kit to emphasize the carefully curated array of tones inside. The kit is thoughtfully minimalistic and practical.

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The Whole Package

The Whole Package

We addressed every element of the brand with remarkable detail. Packaging was of utmost importance because it was a primary touchpoint for buyers. We concepted many solutions until we arrived at the most expedient ones. We designed packaging for every product even creating solutions for shipping. 

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The Art of Application

The Art of Application

Equip a skilled applicator with the right brush and they become an artist capable of an endless variety of expressions. Domingue finishes restore the lost art of painting interiors. They require skilled application, but in a master’s hand, yield an uncommon depth of character and personality. We designed application instructions for every product. 

Sourced from the Earth. Found Online.

Sourced from the Earth. Found Online.

The website will serve as the primary purchasing platform for Domingue’s architectural finishes. We designed a temporary site that introduces them to the market and piques interest within the design community. We are currently constructing an immersive, full-fledged site that will launch early 2017.

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