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When you are from a lineage of jewelers, your brand must be a cut above.



John Bromberg grew up with a keen understanding of the precious and is well-acquainted with the lost art of jewelry-making. He is from a long line of jewelers but is following his own path. He is returning to old-world craftsmanship, restoring artistry to an industry that has been increasingly turning to mass production. He founded JB&CO Jewelry Boutique with the intentions of offering exquisite pieces at equitable prices. We authentically captured his vision and approach with an artisan brand. Every detail was by design from the logo to interior. Together, it is personal, bespoke and reflective of John's values. He is well-known for his custom collections, so it was imperative that his loyal following responded to the new brand. We carefully crafted a boutique brand tailored to suit his clientele.



Brand Identity
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The Mark of a Craftsman

Our symbol was inspired by the form and shape of gemstones that have been touched by a master’s hands. The mark embodies the vernacular of jewelry. It is faceted, angular and unified by symmetry. His initials form an elegant monogram.








An Open Invitation to an Exclusive Collection

An Open Invitation to an Exclusive Collection

We designed a card announcing the opening of John Bromberg’s jewelry boutique. It extended an invitation to discover antique, bridal, custom and one–on–a–kind works that couldn’t be found anywhere else. The messaging highlighted his old–world artisan approach and hand–selected, curated collection. The announcement felt personal, vastly different from mass advertisements.

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Big Things Come in Small Red Packages

Big Things Come in Small Red Packages

We elevated the existing packaging with touches of red and the new mark. We designed bags that would stand out and serve as keepsakes of the JB&CO experience.

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Adorning the Space with Touches of Elegance

Adorning the Space with Touches of Elegance

Clientele unconsciously make buying decisions according to how spaces make them feel, so we knew that setting the mood for JB&CO was especially important. Intentional accents and striking black and white photography create a special atmosphere where the uncommon is expected. The red tassel signifies that you are entering a space set aside for beauty. Our interior recommendations contribute to the brand’s character and have given this niche company a more dynamic presence.

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Online Engagement

Online Engagement

We completed a temporary website that artfully introduced JB&CO to the market. It is easy to navigate with bold photography and minimal words, offering just enough information to pique interest and drive traffic to the boutique. We also implemented several email blasts announcing JB&CO’s opening and expertise.

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In the sophisticated world of jewelry, a tongue in cheek attitude stands out

In the sophisticated world of jewelry, a tongue in cheek attitude stands out

We produced a series of holiday ads, product ads and now open ads that are characterized by a playful, clever tone. The ads infused the brand with creative flair that tastefully attracts attention.