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In the beginning, there was land situated deep in the Brazos Valley of Texas. A place of green flowing fields, untamed forests and wide-open skies, it was ripe with opportunity. And so, a group of entrepreneurs and conservationists set out to create Millican Reserve, a community centered around stewardship and healthy living. They needed tremendous buy-in from surrounding communities and investors for their ideas to take root. They tasked us with turning a series of ideas into one, unified vision that could be clearly articulated and shared with potential stakeholders.



Brand Identity
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envisioning a community
based on values

Brands that foster emotional connections are twice as likely to succeed, so we sought to understand the core motivators of our audience. We visited the land, got our shoes dirty, hiked the hills, listened to the people, took photographs, and immersed ourselves in the culture. We researched the valley, the vernacular, the traditions and the architectural history that defined the place. Every insight we gleaned became a facet of the identity we crafted. 








Creating a Symbol of Community

Strong family ties, a sense of belonging and closeness to nature were central to the promise of Millican Reserve. These values are represented by the three acorns, which also symbolize the promise of mighty growth. The intertwined branches represent the promise of a tight-knit community and the harmony of values that the people would share.



Millican Reserve ultimately needed a single, unified vision to build their future. With our brand leadership, they matured into a fully established community that continues to be full of promise.



Designing the Millican Experience

Designing the Millican Experience

We wanted to create an immersive experience – every aspect of the community exuding the brand look and feel in a dynamic, cohesive way. So we carefully thought through the experiences that could be shared in the facilities and created architectural drawings to capture the look and feel of the places yet to be built.

Our vision of what life could look like at  Millican Reserve was as big as the Texas sky

Our vision of what life could look like at Millican Reserve was as big as the Texas sky

To illustrate the full potential of life at Millican Reserve, we conceptualized and named events, shops and restaurants. We created logos and posters for each and established a comprehensive look and feel that could extend to every detail of the place — even down to packaging at the market. We infused the community with beauty at every touchpoint.

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Leading the Way

Leading the Way

We extended the brand to wayfinding solutions. Our all-encompassing approach created a sense of intentionality and harmony between all aspects of the development. 

Sharing the Vision

Sharing the Vision

We created not just the materials to share the extraordinary vision of Millican Reserve, but also an onsite experience unlike any other. Perspective homeowners would be invited to the land for a tailored tour of their future homes. They would gather at a stone table surrounded by actual markers depicting the dimensions of the home. The table would be set with a 3D model that could be discussed and engaged on the spot. Sharing the vision around the stone table is symbolic of how the community would gather together for fellowship and relationship-building.

Visualizing Millican’s Many Promises with a Singular Viewpoint

Visualizing Millican’s Many Promises with a Singular Viewpoint

The integrity of a vision is defined by the ability to clearly communicate it, and that is what we set out to do with the vision book – give investors and stakeholders a vivid picture of what success could look like for Millican. We depicted the amenities and events with an uncommon vibrancy and detail. We set the bar high and helped them envision how to best concentrate their efforts and resources. The result? A dreamy book executed with vigorous thinking and strategic foresight that spoke directly to the investors it was designed to reach.