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Mode Maison

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When the world is your muse, your brand has no boundaries.



Since it’s infancy, we have played an instrumental role in shaping the future of Mode Maison, a burgeoning luxury furniture company. The founders Wells and Steven originate from well-traveled, cultured families with unprecedented design and business backgrounds. These young tastemakers developed their sense of style in the stone yards, antique markets and furniture fairs of Europe. Their exposure to the world’s finest treasures and antiquities have helped them develop a remarkable sense of style and an elevated viewpoint. Along the way, they observed a great need for quality, high-end furniture purchasing online. They sought our expertise to strengthen their vision and gain buy-in from investors and stakeholders so that their company could become a reality. We articulated their vision with a visually provocative brand that would give them the momentum to start their business.



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An Inspired Symbol 

Mode Maison is built on the concept of bringing handpicked, curated collection of rare finds to one unified platform. They want to create the expectation of quality, uncommon pieces that come from undiscovered places across the world, bringing these products to people who could never find them alone. The bird and the hand carrying the house represent inspiration from far off places coming home. It personifies the brand and adds dimension to its personality.




A Finely Appointed Look & Feel

A Finely Appointed Look & Feel

Luxury products are often accompanied by stuffiness, but we branded Mode Maison with a vivid personality reflected in everything from the mark to the photography. Our creative process was strategic and organic – we brought together all the authentic elements of the company the founders aspired to create. The dapper, the quirky, the unusual, the historic: Mode Maison is unified by style but varied in expression. And the brand sets the stage for this breadth and versatility through a finely constructed look and feel.

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Opening up a Whole New World of Design Online

Opening up a Whole New World of Design Online

We concepted and designed a website that is expected to launch in 2017. It is artisan and craftsman centric. The intention is to foster an authentic connection between the users and creators, so that every piece of furniture feels more personal and valuable. It is intended to build trust through transparency and verifiable artisan relationships. The website serves as a seamless and direct way to purchase luxury furnishings, eliminating the hurdles of the traditional buying process.

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