Lyn Chappelle Interiors

French accent. A brand that speaks to an interior designer's ability to creatively capture all of the romance, grace and intrigue of another place and time.

Lyn Chappelle is a Birmingham interior designer, and our beautiful partnership is further proof that good things happen when designers collaborate. Chappelle is uniquely talented at capturing the romance and intrigue of another time and place. She travels the world to discover inspiring objects and home furnishings to incorporate in her interiors, and she transforms spaces with the beauty and elegance of European style. Having worked in interior design her whole career, Chappelle exudes the confidence and capabilities of someone who has earned every bit of the respect accorded to her by the local design community. Tatum Design believed that her brand identity should feel like a manifestation of the special style she’s honed over the years.

In true Chappelle fashion, our team crafted an interior design brand that eloquently embraces a French accent. The logo symbol is a contemporary take on the traditional French fleur-de-lis. Her initials “L” and “C” compose a symmetrical monogram. It is an homage to the designer’s passion for old world design and storied materials. The other custom-tailored elements of the brand identity program included a stationery system, sales kit, signage design and website design. Collectively, the design components showcase the full breadth and depth of Chappelle’s talents. This brand transformation has not only boosted the designer’s image, but it has also improved her outlook for the future.

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  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Symbol
  • Brand Messaging
  • Stationery System
  • Sales Kit
  • Signage Design
  • Website Design
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