Protective Stadium
House of Iron

Forging Ahead. The Protective Life Stadium brand honors the “House of Iron” theme and forges an enduring relationship between the new venue brand and the well-established naming sponsor brand, through colors, fonts and shapes. The visual style was actively embedded throughout stadium, and unique opportunities were unearthed to bring the brand to life within the space. The brand pays tribute to the hard-earned heritage that shaped Birmingham’s unshakeable spirit, while fortifying a position of strength and an elevated expectation for the venue.

Protective Life Stadium is a future multi use, open air stadium in the Uptown district of Birmingham, Alabama. At the heart of a rising neighborhood, where several entertainment venues converge, it will be a beacon for the continued revitalization of the city. Tatum Design was consulted to create a comprehensive brand for the stadium in an early visioning stage. This high profile project occurred in an intensely political environment, so it was a special challenge to unite the many players. Our team successfully crafted a single, proud identity that everyone could get behind. The Protective Life Stadium brand is inspired by the name “House of Iron,” which combines a love of Birmingham with a passion for sports. Through strategic design, we aligned the new venue brand and the established naming sponsor brand, so that they would not compete with each other. The energy and dynamism of the visual style  allows it to play well everywhere. It is immediately recognizable with consistent implementation throughout the stadium. This cohesion keeps the venue ahead of the game with a winning look and feel that is sure to attract fans.  True to its name, the House of Iron celebrates the tenacity, diversity and unity of Birmingham through a global brand that is accessible to all. It embodies a spirit of optimism for the city and positions Protective Stadium as a catalyst for the community.

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Because just like our city, heroes will be made here, bonds will be created here and imaginations will be ignited here.