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Elevating a flooring company’s brand through a seamless series of initiatives & campaigns.



Tandus Centiva was a thriving, ambitious company that needed a visionary partner to pursue untapped potential. They chose us to lead the brand to new horizons. Cumulatively, our work lifted the brand’s performance and helped them gain legitimacy within the tight-knit architecture and interior design community. We helped them earn and maintain the position as a design and sustainability leader in the field through brand, product and ad campaigns as well as environmental initiatives and product launches. Each initiative was the catalyst for the next. It became impossible to ignore Tandus Centiva – they rightfully gained and held the attention of coveted industry leaders with decisively beautiful and strategic creative. 



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When you believe in a product, you become a powerful spokesperson.


We built a product campaign around the concept of “I am a Believer.” Essentially, we featured designers and consumers who believed in the Powerbond product. They became ambassadors for the brand. Once we had carefully vetted the right “believers,” we captured their stories and authentically portrayed how the products had helped them solve complex problems in different fields. Their stories were told in testimonial videos, ads, landing pages and email blasts. The campaign effectively won over new believers and helped the product expand its reach into new industries.


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Open Minds, Closed Loops 

One company’s trash is another company’s treasured solution. 


Tandus Centiva is known for their cutting edge environmental and sustainability practices, and we were tasked with creating an initiative that focused on their closed loop recycling process. The Open Minds, Closed Loops campaign reflected Tandus Centiva exceedingly high environmental standards. Every deliverable emphasized that their products could be recycled and reused in entirety. Tandus Centiva is on the leading edge of the environmental conversation, and Open Minds, Closed Loops reaffirmed their position as pioneers. We highlighted their innovations and exemplary processes through interior pieces, brochures, ads and posters.  


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Show Stopping Presentations Required

Show Stopping Presentations Required

During our tenure with Tandus Centiva, we led various product launches at NeoCon, the largest, most premier design exposition for commercial interiors in North America. The world’s best brands compete in close proximity at NeoCon, so it was critical that Tandus Centiva's new products were eye-catching. We concepted, storyboarded, wrote, produced and directed award–winning videos. The product debuts were visually stunning and articulate, making lasting impressions.