Tatum’s Design Director Receives AAF’s Highest Honor

It’s always a good time at the ADDY Awards. But this past weekend’s ceremony was extra special. Our beloved Design Director Marion Powers was presented with the American Advertising Federation’s highest honor – the distinguished “Silver Medal Award” for her outstanding contributions to furthering industry excellence. We watched with admiration and respect, as Marion graciously made her way to the stage through a standing ovation to deliver a powerful, inspiring and impromptu acceptance speech. It was our favorite part of the night.

Every day, we have the pleasure of witnessing Marion approach projects with strategic thinking, creativity and pure brilliance. She pours her heart into her work and elevates every project she touches. She sets an extremely high creative bar for our team of designers. Her expectations are uncompromising, and her commitment is unwavering. Our designers and writers have a tremendous amount of respect for Marion and are honored to work alongside her. She has a discerning eye for design and is always pushing our team to find the best solution. She is a gracious and patient mentor. She leads, teaches and shares more than 30 years of experience with kindness, honesty and a genuine sense of humor. Congratulations Marion. You are a true legend.