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The Loop Tour

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We positioned the brand as a design leader to an audience that is all about design.



Several times a year, Tandus Centiva hosts a VIP client tour of their manufacturing facilities to provide a behind-the-scenes look into the design and sustainability practices of this innovative flooring company. Our goal was to turn this event into a sought–after experience for designers. This was an exceptionally difficult task considering that this audience quickly judges and dismisses content. It had to become an elite event with real value and meaningful takeaways.



Brand Identity
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Becoming a Household Name


We created The Loop Tour experience from the ground up. Formally known as “mill tours,” these events lacked personality and appeal. We elevated the entire initiative with a new name, logo, messaging and design. The word Loop is a nod to the yarn loop created in carpet tufts. But more importantly, Loop speaks to the company's commitment to sustainability and to the endless innovation they demonstrate in every area of their manufacturing, from processes to people. The logo magnifies the name. It is an infinity symbol and perfectly encapsulates the idea of renewable energy and endless innovation. The Loop Tour was now a brand name, it just needed a signature experience to truly set it apart.



Set a new precedent for excellence and the creative community will look to you for inspiration


Tandus Centiva pushes the boundaries in their industry, so we pushed the creative to appeal to today tastemakers. Instead of taking a very technical, expected approach to the brand, we challenged ourselves to do something very different, to innovate. We creatively elevated seemingly mundane content to appeal to a group of the most visually discerning people out there.



The mantra




A World Class Experience By Design

A World Class Experience By Design

We envisioned a whole new experience and brought it to life through all deliverables. Everything you see we created. We designed the vehicle that would transport people from plant to plant, water bottles and t-shirts for giveaways and notebooks for note taking on the tours. Our goal was to inspire story sharing when participants returned home. Giving them an experience that enriched their professional lives was the most valuable takeaway we could offer.

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Beauty Backed by Solid Processes

Beauty Backed by Solid Processes

The books highlighted the processes, employees and milestone innovations within each plant in vivid detail.

The Laurels

The Laurels

The Loop Tour has been widely successful. The books are on their fifth reprint, and the brand has received major recognition in a number of awards shows from the Addys to Graphis. Not to mention, the initiative inspired a groundswell of pride and energy within the company.