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Village Dermatology

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When you’re known for making others look and feel good, it’s only right that you put your best face forward.



Village Dermatology had a vibrant internal culture, one that empowered patients to look and feel beautiful. But their brand did not reflect the practice's personality. It was clinical and lacked emotion. It’s a known fact that people connect to brands that evoke emotions rather than logic, so we humanized the brand strategically positioning them to build loyalty. Every customer touchpoint became lifestyle and relationship centric. The new aesthetic was designed to exude the idea that life could be and should be beautiful.



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Beauty Mark

The logo symbol thoughtfully combines the cosmetic and medical principles of the practice. It was inspired by a sea shell – a historic emblem of beauty – and a laser,  connoting their high level of clinical expertise. Lastly, the symbol creates a V for a simple signature. 





color palette



Stirring feelings and creating connections with evocative design.



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Clarifying the Vision and Voice

Clarifying the Vision and Voice

We changed the tone of the brand to reflect the promise of a beautiful life. A new tagline and mantra emphasized how Village Dermatology goes beyond treating the condition to truly caring for the patient.

Helping Them Look Good on Paper

Helping Them Look Good on Paper

Village Dermatology had an exemplary team of doctors but an underperforming brand. Our job was to express their unique, holistic approach to patient care in a tangible way. We equipped them with a series of printed pieces that elevated their image and authentically illustrated their expertise.

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A Nicely Packaged Thank You

A Nicely Packaged Thank You

For Village Dermatology’s most loyal customers, we designed a special gift box. We carefully selected the materials so that it felt high-end and expressed appropriate appreciation for Village’s VIP patients.

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A Facelift for Their Waiting Rooms

A Facelift for Their Waiting Rooms

We developed visually compelling posters so that patients could engage with the brand throughout the building. This transformed the onsite brand experience.

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