Alabama Power Co.
Archives Museum

Lighting the Way. Electrical: The Story of Alabama Power traces the pioneering legacy of the power company that brought the state out of the dark and into the light with widespread industrial and cultural advances. Through the transformative power of electricity, the state of Alabama flourished like never before. The Electrical exhibit illuminates the extraordinary achievements of Alabama Power through immersive designs and enlightening stories that transport visitors to more than 100 years of history.

Electrical: The Story of Alabama Power is an immersive exhibit designed for permanent installation in the Alabama Power Company Archives Museum. Tatum Design named, branded and designed the full exhibit experience. During the visioning phase, our team consulted with an in-house archivist to gain a deeper grasp of their history and heritage. This understanding allowed us to craft an authentic name and brand that reflected the true spirit of Alabama Power. The name Electrical honors the company’s legacy as a source of positive energy, and the logo is a modern tribute to the iconic statue of Electra, a longstanding symbol of the “state of Alabama rising triumphantly in her electrical progress.” With this strong identity established, we were able to generate a groundswell of support for the future exhibit.

The Electrical showcase encompasses the entire museum and is composed of an interactive gallery, digital experience and multi-use seating areas. It features a rich collection of historic images and objects curated from the museum’s own archives. Original black and white photographs are juxtaposed with contemporary colors and fonts for an equally unexpected and captivating visual style. As a permanent installation in a historic building, it was essential for the exhibit designs to complement the existing architecture. Expansive wall-to-wall windows presented a unique design challenge. Our team unified the space through the use of custom, mounted graphic panels. Inspired by electric transmission lines, we created an intricate cable system that would allow the artwork to cover the windows without damaging the architecture. These graphic panels lined the outside perimeter of the gallery for a show-stopping display. In the center of the space, we designed a highly experiential zone with a digital kiosk. This hands-on interface was comprised of oversized touchscreen monitors on each side to enable visitors to explore interactive timelines on their own. For more versatile usage, we blended informal seating and meeting areas into the museum design. The custom furnishings were a direct nod to the materials found in the field. We also conceived of a special, branded entrance experience that would welcome people into the space. With these powerful exhibit designs, the museum is now poised to attract record numbers of visitors. Thanks to the brilliant collaboration between Alabama Power and Tatum Design, every employee who visits Electrical will be inspired and empowered to continue lighting the way for our state.

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As a permanent installation in a historic building, it was essential for the exhibit designs to complement the existing architecture and character of the space.

The layout of the museum combined with large windows covering most of the walls presented a unique design challenge. Our team unified the space through a series of custom graphic panels that featured significant milestones in the company.

In the center of the space, we designed an experiential area where visitors could explore abundant archive materials on a large digital kiosk with custom touchscreens on all sides.

The exhibit designs incorporated versatile seating areas for informal meetings and gatherings, and the custom furnishings were inspired by materials found in the field.

The exhibit brand was extended to every touchpoint of the visitor experience from promotional materials to entrance signage.