The Gogue
Performing Arts Center

High Performing. Gogue Performing Arts Center at Auburn University sets the stage for the wider community to unite and witness remarkable world-class performances. The brand gracefully takes the shape of a lower-case “g” and embodies artistic performances of every kind. It is a dancer flying through the air, a singer enraptured in song and an actor transforming into character. It is a musical note, a hand-carved scroll of a stringed instrument and a gratified entertainer taking a humble bow. It is a story of passion unfolding and the power of the arts, all coming to life at once.

The Gogue Performing Arts Center at Auburn University (GPAC) is the “cultural gateway” to campus. This prominent community venue showcases the exceptional talents of professional artists and empowers the newest generation of creative voices. During the design phase of the center, Tatum Design was commissioned by a special, institutional task force to envision the future brand. Through much exploration, our firm developed a contemporary brand that embodies artistic performances of every kind. The expressive symbol of a lowercase “g” is complemented by an ensemble of vibrant colors. It is an open invitation for everyone to enjoy the arts unlike the cliquish attitude of so many performing arts venues. The brand fosters a creative environment where all types of expression from hip hop to opera are equally appreciated. For this reason, diverse groups of people want to fill the seats and attend a show. The GPAC brand sets the stage for world-class entertainment and puts on a striking performance long before the curtain opens.

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GPAC logo with changing brand colors
Gogue Performing Arts Center logo in color
Poster designs of events taking place at the center
Mockup of exterior signage for GPAC
Stationery design with a colorful logo
Event poster designs for a ballet performance and a cello concert
T-shirt design mockup with the performing arts center logo

When the lights go down, our differences disappear. When the curtain rises, we become one.