Davis Machine & Fabricating

Good work. A hard-working brand for a third-generation manufacturing company that keeps the legacy of American manufacturing alive.

Davis Machine & Fabricating is a family-owned machine shop, proudly carrying on the legacy of nearly seven decades of American manufacturing. With a hard-working brand campaign, Tatum Design helped transform the perception of Davis from a small family operation to a major contender in the national manufacturing industry. The collective components of the new brand including the logo symbol, messaging, photography, sales materials, case studies and website work together to strategically position Davis as a cutting-edge leader in the infrastructure and industrial fields.

The logo symbol is inspired by fabrication and tells a meaningful story of the unbreakable bond between the father and two sons who founded the business in 1954. Three geometric “D’s” form a powerful monogram of the Davis family name.  A bold black, red and gray color palette make a striking impression especially when combined with the dynamic logo and typefaces. The company tagline, “Making Good,” defines the brand position and sets a confident tone for the broader messaging. Each of the foundational elements of the brand — the logo, the color palette and the messaging — are perfectly assembled as a single unified identity. 

Building on the core brand, heroic black and white photography is incorporated into the website and printed collateral. Dynamic images of real craftsmen and machines at work capture the authentic production process and engage audiences. On the website, video footage and still photographs bring to life the craftsmanship and commitment that goes into every manufacturing job. The sales kit features a custom-design pocket folder containing fact sheets, case studies and an impactful values brochure based on the company’s creed. It highlights the transformational impact of the company’s work on American infrastructure and its enduring legacy as a domestic manufacturer. The Davis brand is a true manufacturing success story — it is fueling new business, driving recruitment and winning industry awards.

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