Alosant App

Bringing people together. A branded app designed to enhance the experience and amenities for residents in master planned communities.

Alosant, a Montana-based technology startup, has created a powerful app to help communities connect with their residents like never before. Tatum Design partnered with Alosant to create a friendly technology brand that would motivate prospective communities to utilize their innovative services. This B2B brand initiative involved company naming, logo design, brand messaging, mobile app design, presentation kits and sales materials.

The logo symbol was inspired by the idea that communities are built on relationships, and relationships are built on communication. Two speech bubbles form a lowercase “a” illustrating how the Alosant app connects neighbors and builds community. It also reinforces the company’s name in a simple, playful manner. This award-winning logo set a confident tone for the visuals, messaging and photography.

The Alosant app is designed to enhance the experience and amenities for residents in master planned communities, so it was important to establish an aspirational brand that clearly communicated a strong lifestyle promise. Each of the visual elements from a streamlined, easy-to-use mobile interface to vibrant, emotive photography shows a deep understanding of the unique appeal of resort communities. The sales materials showcase detailed solutions tailored to the exact needs of their service population. On the surface, the Alosant brand is bright, cheerful and colorful, but the targeted, tactical strategy behind the branding helps the company stand out in the technology industry.

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