A noble cause. A mission-oriented brand for a military tech company benefitting those who serve our country.

TIAG is a mission-oriented tech company headquartered in the nation’s capital. Their talented team of scientists, analysts and engineers solve the toughest problems facing service members in the military and civilian sectors of the US government. Through a client’s gracious referral, Tatum Design and TIAG established a successful partnership. The TIAG Brand Identity Campaign empowered the brightest minds in Washington D.C. to confidently embrace the future as a pioneer in their field.

Through strategic repositioning, we transformed the outdated image of TIAG and re-established the company as one of the most technologically advanced leaders of today. The logo symbol embodies their new brand promise — Technology that Transforms — with three “T’s” forging the outline of a protective shield. It denotes security, freedom and safety. We also developed a flexible graphic device — a pixelated pattern — to unify brand visuals and photography. These iconic graphics create easy brand recognition within the marketplace.

Every extension of the TIAG Brand Identity Campaign works to elevate the perception of this innovative, cutting-edge company. Streamlined stationery, business cards and other printed collateral sets the expectation for excellence across every touchpoint.  Simple engaging brochures, presentation kits and sales sheets communicate their differentiators clearly and concisely. Cohesive visuals and messaging highlight the company’s proven expertise in management and technology services. The new high tech website demonstrates TIAG’s advanced capabilities without bogging down users. It is agile, adaptable and accessible much like the company.

At every level of engagement, the TIAG brand supports and safeguards the mission of the company. Mobility, innovation and progress are propelling the branding initiative to new milestones. Our creative collaboration has been a catalyst for growth. TIAG is now equipped to defend its position as one of the most ingenious and intelligent technology companies on the eastern seaboard.

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