American Printing Co.

American made. A proud legacy brand for one of the last great printers in the USA.

American Printing Company is one of the last great printers in the USA. With more than a century of experience, the printing house is known for extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail. This American maker and manufacturer deserved a proud industrial brand worthy of their outstanding reputation. Before our branding engagement, Tatum Design was a longtime, loyal client of American Printing, so we naturally understood their unique position in the manufacturing industry.

Industrial brands are often generic and insignificant, but our team meticulously crafted a meaningful, impactful brand inspired by the art of printmaking. The logo symbol evokes paper on a press roller as well as the U.S. flag. It denotes pride, patriotism and printing — all of the specific attributes that have defined the company for decades. The new company tagline, “Printed with Pride,” honors their enduring tradition of craftsmanship. This brand position is entirely original and can not be copied by any of their competitors.

Many of the branding deliverables feature documentary-style photography. These images showcase the authentic people and processes behind the work. It creatively engages and educates audiences about the high value of their services. Our team considered all of the special selling points of American Printing and used these insights to create a true heritage brand that will continually shape the company’s legacy.

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