Mayfair Advisory Group

Worth over wealth. An inspirational brand for a modern investment firm that helps people build more fulfilling lives.

Mayfair Advisory Group is a modern investment firm focused on building enduring legacies. As fiduciary advisors, the group operates solely on behalf of their clients. Most financial advisors focus on the numbers and the bottom line, but Mayfair focuses on the people and their priorities above everything else. Through our branding engagement, Tatum Design developed an inspirational, values-centered brand that is already creating better returns for Mayfair in the financial industry.

Our team tapped into human insights to craft a transformational brand position that would stand out in the competitive financial marketplace. We developed the company tagline, “Amount to More.” This empowering statement sums up the vision of the firm in a few words and sets a noble, heroic tone. The brand messaging emphasizes their mission of guiding clients to the most fulfilling future and to a life that amounts to more. Personal worth is elevated above wealth with each element of the brand identity.

The logo symbol seamlessly incorporates a monogram of an “M” with a bar chart and an upward arrow, signifying growth, stability and prosperity. It is an energetic, timeless and memorable icon that instills confidence in prospective audiences. Aspirational photography contributes to the positive, uplifting tone of the overall brand. Each visual component from the sales collateral to the website design tells a personalized story of how the firm creates meaningful outcomes for their clients. The financial industry is dominated by brands that promise quick wins and success, but our branding initiative for Mayfair ensures longterm performance and lasting value. It is designed to make an impact at every touchpoint over the lifespan of the company.

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