Pete Pritchard Architects

Pillar of strength. A solid, classic brand inspired by the name of a boutique, traditional architecture firm.

Pete Pritchard is an upstanding architecture firm in Birmingham, Alabama, where it is known for traditional craftsmanship and tailored service. Our shared strategic plan centered around helping this boutique design firm earn the respect and recognition they deserved in the architecture and interior design community. Tatum Design crafted a solid brand that would serve as a pillar of strength for the company for years to come.

Through brand positioning, we created a new blueprint for future success. Our designers turned a classical architectural element — the ionic column — into a signature logo symbol for Pete Pritchard. The logo design features two “P’s” that form a modern representation of a Grecian ornamental column. This simple and timeless identity is the cornerstone of the brand. Every element of the initiative, from the stationery and look book to the signage and website design, is created with the same enduring appeal. With a newly established brand, Pete Pritchard has risen to prominence. Other architects, designers and clients are now more inclined to know their name and respect their work. As Pete Pritchard discovered, branding is one of the most enduring and most rewarding investments a company can make.

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