Silverwing Partners

Guiding light. A beautiful, aspirational brand for a real estate development and investment company.

Silverwing Partners is a Southern real estate development and investment company focused on stewarding family estates. The group preserves generational wealth and builds enduring legacies. Our scope of work for this real estate branding initiative included company naming, logo design and strategic visioning. Tatum Design helped Silverwing cultivate organic growth with a revitalized image and message.

Through an extensive naming process, our team explored themes of good fortune, prosperity, protection, honor and goodness, and among our many creative findings, we discovered that a white butterfly is a sign of prosperity and good luck in some cultures. This meaningful discovery inspired us to craft the name “Silverwing.” Our client embraced the name because it dovetailed perfectly with their mission of bringing abundance to the family fortunes entrusted to their care.

The logo symbol embodies several metaphors from a bird taking flight to a flower blooming. It represents growth, stewardship and the fruition of dreams. The company’s initials — “S” and “W” — compose an elegant mark. This beautiful, aspirational brand is a guiding light for the company. It has allowed Silverwing Partners to gain ground as one of the top new real estate development and investment companies in the Southeast.

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  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Symbol
  • Stationery System
  • Brand Collateral
  • Website Design
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