Safe keeping. Winning over investors and communities with a simple, sleek brand for a real estate investment trust company that promises to protect the things that matter most.

SĀFStor is a real estate investment company that develops, constructs and manages top-of-the-line self-storage facilities that are sleek, modern and attractive additions to cities. Tatum designed a simple, strategic B2B brand to help SĀFStor win over new investors and communities. As we got to know the company, we discovered their high value for safe keeping, and our team developed an elevated brand position centered around the promise of protecting the things that matter most.

SĀFStor offers a meaningful product that benefits customers, serves the community and respects the environment. Our designers utilized the unique macron symbol over the “Ā” in the name SĀFStor to tell this story. The logo symbol is comprised of a solid rectangular outline that mimics the shape of a storage unit while the macron over the Ā represents the unit’s door. This intelligent logo design supports the company’s tagline, “Holding to a Higher Standard.” Both the visuals and messaging communicate the company’s mission of adding value to communities not just selling a service.

Our team also created streamlined stationery, sales collateral and presentation systems to help SĀFStor share their vision. Throughout the project, Tatum Design offered technical and creative expertise to help the company achieve their desired outcomes. We developed a clean, contemporary brand that is disrupting the crowded, self-storage industry.  SĀFStor is now known as a socially-conscious, community-oriented brand among of a sea of greedy, corporate competitors.

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