Suit Trucking

Embracing a new direction. A people-driven brand for a trailblazing trucking company.

Suit Trucking is a trailblazing, people-driven brand designed to turn around the trucking industry with flexible schedules that fit how drivers want to work and live. Long hours at the wheel and lonely weeks away from family have caused a significant downturn in new driver recruitment in the trucking industry. Suit envisioned improving the quality of life for their drivers and appealing to a younger demographic because a large majority of drivers are approaching retirement. The business owners come from three generations of seasoned truckers, and their vision to steer the industry in a new direction inspired every element of the Suit Brand Identity Campaign.

Tatum Design created a powerful directional symbol for the company logo. It visually supports the new brand tagline, “A Better Direction,” with active, upward energy. On interstates in the Southeast, the brand symbol is quickly becoming an instantly recognizable icon. Together, the conceptual logo, bright color palette and aspirational brand messaging promote a positive, empowering image for recruiting family-oriented drivers and attracting more socially conscious clients.

Our simple, impactful truck designs also stand out on the open road, and motivating outdoor boards turn heads and capture the attention of potential recruits. We equipped Suit with a small, back-pocket-sized brochure that gets right to the heart of the company’s values in a way that speaks straight to the heart of truckers. Each deliverable is designed to build employee loyalty and drive recruitment. Branded apparel goes a long way with new recruits who are proud to be apart of such an innovative company. Supporting recruitment and new business efforts, we created a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website that moves visitors to make a change for the better. The Suit Brand is fueling change in the trucking industry, and we believe its impact will continue for the long haul.

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