The Bray at Liberty Park

Honoring the past. A brand inspired by the local area's mining history and the industrial-modern architectural style of a new live, work, play community development.

The Bray is a new 700-acre live, work, play development set in the heart of Liberty Park, a master-planned community located in Alabama’s old coal country. Tatum Design partnered with Liberty Park to shape the future of the development long before the groundbreaking. Tatum Design created a meaningful community brand for the Bray that embraces the past as a way forward. Community branding requires a thoughtful and thorough approach that takes into consideration the history, culture, values and distinguishing characteristics that make a place, and the people who live there, special.

This community brand honors the area’s role in fueling Alabama’s early economy and the industrial roots of the land with historically-inspired creative solutions. The brand identity created for The Bray pays homage to history at every step. Our naming process revealed a unique opportunity to celebrate the founding family of the community development. The name, “The Bray” is a creative nod to the rags-to-riches story of the Drummond family and the hardworking mule the owners put up as collateral to start their coal-mining business. The sound that mules and donkeys make is called a bray, and this name honors the noble contribution of the company mules that worked alongside miners and hauled heavy loads to the surface.

The logo symbol tells a historical story with an appealing modern edge. The mark, a “B” intersected by a rugged mining axe, reinforces the township’s name and the rich legacy of the landscape. Our branding work extended to architectural concepts and styling of the common spaces and community center. Reclaimed industrial parts from heavy mining equipment and other materials such as steel and stone were creatively utilized in wayfinding, signage, storefronts and architectural solutions throughout the town village. The award-winning Black Mule coffee shop brand concept was created as part of the initiative and included naming as well as logo, packaging and storefront design. The Bray’s comprehensive brand identity forged new pride for Liberty Park residents, and the creative implementation was instrumental in boosting pre-construction sales and securing sought-after retailers for the development.

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  • Brand Messaging
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Bray naming
logo on rust colored metal
color palette
manhole cover
light post
historical signage
woman shopping
child playing
retail storefront
sketch of metal planter
Dining at the Bray
sketch of reclaimed tables
metal sign on brick
reclaimed gear light fixture
girl walking dog at the Bray
sales center interior
close-up of sales center signage
close-up of sales center signage
close-up of sales center map
Map of Liberty Park