KBB Electrical

A bright spot. A brand for a female-owned electrical company committed to building a caring culture that translates into job pride and project success.

KBB is a female-owned electrical company known for its professionalism and customer service. Tatum Design helped brighten the company’s future with an empowering branding initiative. The logo symbol is inspired by the new tagline we created, “Powered by Excellence.” The first initial of KBB is illuminated by a spark — this effective visual device illustrates the company’s commitment to be a shining leader in their field.

KBB’s caring culture translates into job pride and project success, and each deliverable we developed leverages this spirit of excellence. A small but mighty brochure highlights the company’s precision and expertise with graphic industry-related photography and targeted messaging. Branded apparel boosts morale among employees who are proud to represent the KBB name. Standout vehicle designs make an impression at job sites and on the road. The innovative spirit of the company is illuminated by a sleek, modern website unlike anything else in the industry. The KBB brand is a bright spot among other electrical brands. It has the power to change the perception of the electrical field.

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