Back Talk

Creating conversation. A cutting-edge brand and supporting campaign designed to spark discussions around the importance of carpet backings in the overall success of projects.

Tandus Centiva is known for its advanced flooring solutions, but one of the most innovative features of their product line was vastly under appreciated in the design community. The company engaged Tatum Design to educate their audience about the groundbreaking role their carpet backings play in the overall success of projects. Our team developed a cutting-edge brand and supporting advertising campaign featuring their revolutionary carpet backings. The initiative created more conversation and conversions than anyone believed possible.

Surface level aesthetics often drive flooring decisions, but our brand campaign would challenge and change this established decision making pattern. Our team started with a compelling name and logo that would flip the flooring selection process upside down. We called the initiative “Back Talk.” It was smart, savvy and stylish — the exact combination of characteristics required to capture the attention of dismissive, design audiences. The logo symbol of a carpet square with a corner lifted to reveal the backing paired perfectly with the name. With the core identity established, we extended the Back Talk brand to strategic customer touchpoints.

An out-of-the-box approach allowed us to engage our audience where it mattered most. We created a keepsake quality set of brochures that were neatly stapled to carpet samples. Each of these brochures featured success stories from architects and designers who solved real world problems with the company’s innovative carpet backings. The stories were quickly circulated in the design community and created widespread dialogue. Back Talk ignited interest in Tandus Centiva and spurred incredible growth throughout the entire sales cycle.

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