Bellwether Collective

Leading the way. A refined, custom brand for a wall-covering company that's completely changing the way designers and architects finish walls and ceilings.

Bellwether Collective is a Southern wall-covering company that is pioneering new solutions for residential projects. Their innovative products transform blank, flat surfaces into dynamic, dimensional works of art. Through a delightful partnership with the founder, Tatum Design positioned this never-seen-before offering as an essential resource for architects and interior designers. Our team created the future household name through a custom branding, naming and design initiative.

Company naming is a complex and confounding process, but on a branding project like this, it is often the most rewarding phase because a good name sets the tone for everything else that follows. As apart of the naming brief, our writers explored themes of innovation, creativity and leadership, and we recommended a handful of names that would position the company as a creative pioneer and trendsetter in their industry. Bellwether was the winning choice. The name means the leading sheep of a flock as well as a predictor of the future and an indicator of trends. According to tradition, the lead sheep of a flock — the Bellwether — wears a bell around his neck so that the others may follow his guidance. The heroic meaning of the name Bellwether inspired the logo symbol. It is a modern rendition of a field bell and a metaphor for a brave new direction.

Bellwether is tearing down barriers and turning walls and ceilings into breathtaking backdrops with handmade, textural products that come in a vibrant array of patterns, colors and finishes. For a compelling product launch, we created a sample box designed to give industry professionals a personalized view of the product line. We also created a design-forward look book and sales materials to promote the new offerings. Through this transformational branding initiative, Bellwether was equipped to enter the marketplace and change the way designers and architects work with their groundbreaking products.

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