Loop Tour

In the loop. Redefining the culture of an industry-leading flooring company through the creation of an innovative and experiential brand.

Tandus Centiva, a large commercial flooring company, hosts an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of their manufacturing facilities several times a year, and the company engaged Tatum Design to refresh and rebrand the experience. Our team helped define the culture of this industry-leading flooring company through the creation of an innovative and experiential brand. Through a groundbreaking onsite experience, book series and collateral, we helped transform a routine manufacturing tour into one of the most highly anticipated design events of the year.

Tatum Design completely reimagined and reinvented the mill tour with a new name, logo and immersive, onsite experience. We positioned Tandus Centiva as a design leader to an audience that is all about design. The name Loop is a nod to the yarn loop in carpet tufts as well as a reference to the company’s endless innovation in every area of manufacturing from processes to people. The logo design supports the name. It is a contemporary infinity symbol. Tandus Centiva pushes the boundaries in their industry, so we broke barriers with a creative brand that appeals to the top tastemakers of today. Each component of the brand was crafted to inspire and inform the design and architecture community about their brilliant offerings.

The Loop Tour is a world class experience by design. Tatum Design envisioned everything from transporting people to the plants to delivering the tours. Signage, vehicle and apparel design were just a few of branded elements. The centerpiece of the initiative was a beautiful box set of books that detailed the transformative products and processes of Tandus Centiva. Our team of designers and writers created the keepsake books in their entirety — this is still one of our proudest achievements as a creative firm. The Loop Tour books are currently on their fifth reprint and have received many industry awards. This initiative inspired a groundswell of pride in the company and restored the perception of Tandus Centiva as a worldwide innovator in the flooring industry.

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