Modern masterpiece. A handcrafted, artisanal brand for a high-end purveyor of architectural finishes with noble origins.

Domingue is a high-end purveyor of timeless architectural finishes. The company is reviving the application of ancient materials in modern day settings. Their lime washes, mineral paints and plasters are a uniquely old world offering. Domingue engaged Tatum Design to plan the national launch of their new collection in the North American market. Through handcrafted, artisanal branding, we helped distinguish Domingue from all other paint companies in the American architecture and interior design industry. 

The regal prestige of their products influenced the overall aesthetic of the brand campaign and launch initiative. Our team crafted a signature historic and artisan style that no one else owned in the marketplace. Throughout history, the royal, ruling classes maintained exclusive access to the mineral paints Domingue makes and manufactures today. These finishes once coated castles and chateaus across Europe, and the historic significance and noble origins of their products inspired the logo symbol — a paintbrush is topped with a crown that is fit for a king or queen. The logo design not only honors the past but sets lofty expectations for the future.

Perception determines the success of new products, so every customer touchpoint is carefully curated to make a fine first impression. Our team devoted immense time and talent to designing the full product line because the packaging would be the primary point of entry for new buyers. The packaging and product labels feature classical design that is appropriately refined and reflective of their European heritage. The paint sample kits and application guides are organized and simplified to make immediate, visual impact. Color swatch systems are formulated to accentuate the rich color palettes with natural, minimal designs.

For complete market saturation, Tatum Design also created a sophisticated look book and brochure designed to reach the top 150 designers and architects in the country. This distinguished kit allowed the company to build rapport with the most selective, hard to reach audiences. The handcrafted, artisan quality of the brand positioned the company to enter the marketplace with unprecedented success. Through this comprehensive branding initiative, Tatum Design helped transformed Domingue into a well-established brand with high standing in the architecture and design community of North America.

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