Eladon Real Estate

Status symbol. A fabled brand for an exclusive real estate company that represents the rarest, most treasured properties on the California coast.

Welcome to Eladon, a premiere real estate company founded by a dynamic mother-and-son duo whose ultimate passion is sharing the beauty and abundance of the California lifestyle. Their business represents the rarest, most exclusive properties on the central coast of California. Fertile vineyards, remote horse ranches, hidden countryside estates and sweeping ocean-view villas are just a few examples of the residences entrusted to Eladon’s care. As a newcomer to the real estate market, the group recognized that it was imperative to invest in their brand. Tatum Design created a luxury brand identity the company could own with purpose and pride.

We established a cohesive vision and voice for the firm with an elegant, unexpected name. Through an elaborate naming process, we discovered a fascinating old world myth of a never-sleeping dragon named Ladon who guarded golden apples in an ancient, sacred garden. This legendary tale inspired the fabled name for Eladon. The logo design is an equally luxurious status symbol. It weaves an intricate story of the dragon Ladon with hand-illustrated detail. Our creative team extended the Eladon brand to the company’s inaugural wine collection for greater impact and market saturation (read more here).

The company tagline, “Treasured Properties,” raises expectations with a promise of boutique service and unrivaled access to coveted residences. Distinctive and descriptive messaging paints a vivid portrait of the lifestyle the company sells throughout the deliverables. The look book and sales materials feature awe-inspiring photographs, and fortunately, the team at Eladon is well equipped to deliver everything as promised. With a full-fledged brand in place, Eladon is poised to become the leading authority in the boutique real estate market of central California.

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