Brownell Travel

A new world view. Repositioning a century-old travel advisory with a modern, sophisticated brand.

Brownell Travel is on the forefront of the travel industry with more than one hundred years of experience in the field. While the travel and tourism sector is oversaturated with do-it-yourself booking options, high-end audiences crave once-in-a-lifetime experiences that require the knowledge, planning and connections that only an established travel advisory like Brownell can provide. The agency specializes in planning life-changing excursions to the most beautiful and exotic places on earth, and Tatum Design was engaged to lead a global rebranding initiative for the company. Our team repositioned the century-old travel advisory with a new world view and a modern, sophisticated brand that appeals to a new generation of travelers.

This rebranding journey opened up limitless possibilities with the signature tagline, “Discover More.” Every customer touchpoint went to great lengths to support this inspired brand positioning. The logo design of a gryphon confidently trotting the globe was the perfect symbol for the jet-setting company. According to old legends, gryphons once ruled over the sky, land and sea and guarded hidden gems, and this epic creature represented a memorable metaphor and mark for Brownell. The new brand identity repositioned the company as leader on the world stage in the travel sphere.

Tatum Design also helped transform the client experience with an immersive and interactive iPad wall that allowed clients to visit far-flung destinations and iconic locales without ever leaving the Brownell office. The gallery wall design and environmental graphics invited clients into the discovery process for more personalized engagement. Bespoke travel brochures and look books also elevated the perception of Brownell as service leaders. Through the global rebranding initiative, Tatum Design helped Brownell achieve their wildest dreams of becoming one of the most premiere travel planning destinations in the country.

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