Lloyd Flanders

Weaving a story. A contemporary brand for an American furniture maker known for intertwining craftsmanship and great design.

Lloyd Flanders is an American furniture maker and manufacturer with more than 100 years of industry heritage. While maintaining a reputation of quality craftsmanship, the company was struggling to keep a competitive edge in the retail world. Tatum Design helped reinvigorate the business with a refreshed brand. Through logo design, messaging, sales materials, signage and advertising, we wove together a beautiful lifestyle brand that positioned the woven furniture maker as a contemporary leader in the modern furniture market.

Our team developed the company tagline, “Woven for Life.” This aspirational messaging communicated all of the ways that their furniture brings leisure, rest and relaxation into people’s lives. It also highlighted the enduring quality of their American-made products. The logo symbol is another common thread that visually holds the brand together. A simple, woven pattern encircles the company’s initials for a serenely stylish logo design. The brand visuals and messaging form a tight knit identity that is closely connected to the modern lifestyle.

The catalogues and printed materials sell a lifestyle of causal luxury. Photographs of people lounging appeal to audiences who are looking for an escape from busy routines. Minimalistic signage, packaging and labels embrace an effortless approach. The website design also appears equally laid back with curated photography and natural styling. Each component of the brand campaign brought the clean and contemporary style of Lloyd Flanders to the forefront. The company is now poised to engage and excite potential buyers across all retail touchpoints.

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