Millican Reserve

Nurturing tomorrow. Developing a holistic brand vision for a nature-focused master planned community.

Millican Reserve is a nature oriented community located in the Brazos Valley of Texas. When a group of entrepreneurs and conservationists set out to create the Millican Reserve community development, they envisioned a lifestyle centered around stewardship and healthy living, but they needed to secure buy-in from surrounding communities and investors for their vision to take root. Through a thriving partnership with the founding group, Tatum Design helped turn a series of unique ideas into one, unified vision that could be clearly articulated and shared with potential stakeholders.

Brands that foster emotional connections are twice as likely to succeed, so it was essential for us to understand the core motivators of their audience. Deep exploration was key in articulating the Millican Reserve experience, and that meant hiking the hills, listening to the people, researching the valley, the vernacular, the traditions and the architectural history that defined the place. Every insight we discovered became a facet of the ultimate brand identity.

The community tagline “A Land of Promise” guided the brand voice and messaging. Strong family ties, a sense of belonging and closeness to nature were central values represented by the three acorns in the logo symbol. The intertwined branches demonstrated the promise of a tight-knit community. Together, the brand components illustrated the full potential of life at Millican Reserve. Retail shops, restaurants and events were conceptualized, named and branded as a part of the holistic effort. Logos, storefront signage, packaging, posters and wayfinding solutions were created to establish a comprehensive look and feel that could extend to every detail of the place.

Our elaborate plans covered so much ground that we even conceived an immersive home buying experience where prospects could view 3D models on marked plots of land. A photographic vision book provided investors and stakeholders a vivid picture of future amenities and events with great detail, strategic thinking and foresight. As the community came to life, the vision grew and inspired new ideas of what Millican Reserve could become and shaped who they are today. The community brand continues to nurture strong connections that will define the place and the people for decades.

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