Vestavia Hills

Higher ground. An elevated new brand for a thriving Southern city on the crest of a mountain.

Vestavia Hills, a charming Southern city in the suburbs of Birmingham, is beautifully set against the backdrop of the Appalachian foothills. The residents hold their hometown in high esteem but have struggled for decades to communicate who they are as a community. A comprehensive rebranding initiative harnessed the quiet pride of the residents and clearly articulated what they had been trying to say all along. Tatum Design crafted an authentic brand identity that resonated so deeply with residents, that for the first time ever, they were able to say without reservation, “That’s us.”

As a Birmingham-based creative agency, we were well acquainted with the city of Vestavia Hills, but our team dug deep to discover the most significant people, places and events that had shaped the history and heritage of the community. The logo symbol features the iconic Sibyl Temple encircled by a blossoming dogwood flower and a bright eternal flame. Each of the visual elements represents the collective values of unity, prosperity and family. New brand messaging was inspired by the pioneering spirit of the first residents who made a historical migration up Shades Mountain in search of higher ground and broader perspectives.

A culture of ingenuity continues to fuel the elevated lifestyle of the mountaintop city, and our partnership fostered vibrant new growth throughout the area. Rolling hills and highways fracture the community, so newly designed signage and a clear wayfinding system helped define the city’s boundaries and keep retail and dining dollars within city limits. A new “Shop, Dine and Play” campaign supported the effort and special event concepts and implementation strategies turned fresh ideas into beloved citywide traditions. Bringing everything together, we completed a total redesign of the city website that streamlined the user experience and provided easy navigation with visually intuitive designs and icons. A beautiful lifestyle video and look book captured the true essence of the place and provided potential residents and businesses a grand-scale view of life in Vestavia Hills. The city’s investment in an authentic brand will forever be perceived by residents as a gift to treasure and embrace for generations to come.

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