Saving a seaside town. A series of beautiful brand initiatives to revitalize a romantic, coastal resort community.

Beachtown was on the cusp of opening a beautiful resort development on the Gulf Coast of Texas when a devastating hurricane swept through the area. Fortified by the highest building codes, the community withstood the storm while many neighboring villages were completely wiped out. Tatum Design was brought in to help save the seaside town after this natural disaster. Our team crafted a series of brand initiatives that revitalized and re-energized the coastal resort community.

As apart of our creative process, we dipped our toes in the sand, swam the waters, lounged on the sand and explored the lagoons. The more we got to know the place, the more we wanted to share the special coastal lifestyle offered there. Charting a new course, we developed a strong and resilient brand identity that would easily weather the ebb and flow of the real estate market. Fresh visuals, messaging, photography and sales materials reimagined the future of Beachtown with bright optimism.

The Beachtown brand embraces a modern, seaside aesthetic with cool blue and whitewashed tones. A classic beach umbrella with wide stripes is a cheerful logo symbol and a fitting icon beside the tagline, “A Simple Life by the Sea.” The brand messaging confidently communicated the stability and longevity of the community, and lifestyle photography, brochures, ads, sales collateral and investor kits created excitement about the destination. All of the photographs were taken on location to capture the splendid beauty of the area. Sales descriptions of the welcoming landscapes and vibrant amenities positioned Beachtown as a peaceful escape and a joyful refuge. The Beachtown branding initiative renewed hope, restored trust and redirected the future of the community development.

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