Mode Maison

Finely appointed. A visionary, award-winning brand for a luxury home furnishings retailer opening new avenues for consumers to discover exclusive labels.

Mode Maison is breaking barriers in the luxury home furnishings industry with an online platform that allows consumers to directly purchase exclusive labels that were once reserved for industry insiders. The founders were familiar with the luxury marketplace having grown up visiting elite auctions in Europe. Through their early exposure, they discovered an opportunity to fill a gap in the online market. Tatum Design helped bring their business to life through visioning and branding. Our team crafted a visionary, award-winning brand that opened up new avenues for the company to secure investors and launch its collection. This finely appointed brand campaign included B2B sales materials, investor presentations and website design. Each component furnished inspiration for the future.

Mode Maison brings handpicked furnishings from around the world straight to consumers’ doorsteps, and the logo symbol of a winged bird carrying a home demonstrates this unique concept. The company tagline, “Inspired Design Comes Home,” pairs gracefully with the logo design. Collectively, the visuals and messaging set an expectation for rare discoveries.

From the inception, Mode Maison envisioned creating a unified online platform for curated collections that could not be found anywhere else. Our team concepted a sophisticated digital showroom and developed artisan website designs that would open up a whole new world of luxury furnishing shopping online. The website eliminates the hurdles of the traditional buying process with seamless navigation and functionality. Through the branding initiative, Tatum Design helped establish a clear and coherent vision that would guide Mode Maison from conception to launch.

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  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Symbol
  • Brand Tagline
  • Brand Messaging
  • Stationery System
  • Sales Materials
  • Investor Presentation
  • Website Design