Bradford Building

Building up. A well-built brand for a construction services company on the move.

For 30 years, Bradford Building has served retail, commercial and institutional clients with a dedicated commitment to excellence. At the time of our branding engagement, Bradford Building lacked the resources and market share to compete for large projects that they were fully qualified to build. Tatum Design developed a solid, well-built brand to help the company secure major construction jobs on the national platform. 

The logo symbol is a concrete foundation for the company. It demonstrates balance, stability and structural integrity with two B’s neatly stacked on top of each other. The new company tagline, “Built Better,” lays the groundwork for all messaging and communication. Elevated sales materials are another essential resource in their toolkit. Custom signage makes a standout impression at their construction sites. Professionalism and personal service are the focal point of the brand visuals. Together, the logo design, brand messaging, sales materials and signage constructed a more positive perception of the company. Bradford Building is now equipped to win bigger and better jobs in every market.

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  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Symbol
  • Brand Tagline
  • Brand Messaging
  • Stationery System
  • Sales Materials
  • Signage Design
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