JB & Co

Time to shine. Establishing a dynamic presence in the market with an artisan brand for an artistic jeweler.

The founder of JB&CO Jewelry Boutique belongs to a prominent family of jewelers in Birmingham, Alabama. Before launching his independent business, he sought our branding expertise to create awareness and loyalty among local audiences. Tatum Design developed brilliant branding solutions to help JB&CO shine brighter than the competition.

The jeweler creates custom collections, so the bespoke branding was specially tailored to his unique style. Our team designed a multifaceted initiative that included logo design, messaging, stationery, packaging, environmental graphics, advertising and website design. The logo symbol is the ultimate mark of craftsmanship. Inspired by the elegant shape of gemstones, the design forms a sculpted and symmetrical monogram of the company’s initials. This angular and geometric work of art stands out among mass-produced jewelry brands.

Each component of the branding initiative celebrates their precious and profound offerings. Artistic advertisements, invitations, packaging, signage and labels highlight the jeweler’s artisan approach. Posh black and white photography creates a memorable mood on the website, and strategic red accents instill a spirit of passion in the retail store. The overall attitude is appealing and attractive to luxury buyers. With engaging designs, JB&CO has risen to popularity as the darling of boutique jewelry brands.

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