Huie Law

A strong case. A formidable new brand for a law firm known for protecting the honor and resources of America's most prestigious companies.

Huie Law protects the honor and resources of prestigious companies and restores justice with fair litigation. Tatum Design developed a comprehensive brand that makes a strong, winning case for Huie in the legal defense industry. Huie is known and respected for their fierce and fearless approach to defense, and the branding initiative reflects this same fighting spirit with bold visuals and honorable messaging. Our goal was to create an authentic brand position that Huie could own inside and outside of the courtroom. After much deliberation, we landed on the tagline, “Stand Firm.” This short impactful phrase embodies the noble conviction and commitment that defines the firm. With the positioning firmly established, we addressed each touchpoint of the brand from logo design to website design and development. Duty, honor and fairness were common themes across the deliverables.

For better brand awareness, we recommended that the firm simplify their existing name — Huie, Fernambucq and Steward — to Huie. This simple name change increased recognition

in the marketplace. Most law firms utilize monogram, letterform or title logos to represent themselves. Our team crafted a meaningful symbol to help them standout from the crowd. The logo symbol is an abstract depiction of two figures standing back-to-back. It is the ultimate defensive stance and fighting position. The logo design also forms a stylized monogram of an “H” for a classical, enduring appearance.

Huie often goes up against prosecutors who paint justice as a black and white matter, but as experienced defendants understand, there are a lot of gray areas to the law. Embracing this truth, our team formulated a monochromatic gray color palette, unlike anything else in the industry, to establish Huie as a brave and bold leader. This choice forever differentiates Huie from most other law firms.

Although attorneys are naturally gifted communicators, they are not always the most effective salespeople, and at the time, Huie’s legal team carried the responsibility of new business and sales. We equipped Huie with a values brochure and sales kit that alleviated this burden and allowed the lawyers to increase their caseload. We curated a compelling collection of black and white photography to showcase their unyielding methods, and this visual style applied to every element of the brand, even down to the new company headshots. The website reinforced the brand online with user friendly, responsive designs. Each component of the Huie brand is shaped by a strong sense of justice. Our shared effort helped the company defend their rightful position as one of the top litigation firms in the Southeast. Its given them the courage to stand up for what they believe in and the will to win.

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