Revolutionizing sports medicine. An empowering brand for an innovative cryotherapy company focused on helping athletes recover faster.

Cryoxcel is on the forefront of developing new cryotherapy technology that evenly circulates cold air across the entire body. This cutting-edge innovation is designed to help athletes heal in record-breaking time. Tatum Design developed an empowering sports medicine brand to give the company a competitive edge in the health and wellness fields. This high-performing brand puts Cryoxcel at the top of its game.

The logo symbol demonstrates how cryotherapy helps heal the body. Energetic, graphic lines radiate outward in the same way that cleansing, fresh blood is pushed to the extremities during therapy. The mark also forms an active “C” shape that stands for Cryoxcel. Cool blue machine decals and environmental graphics create a soothing atmosphere at the company’s clinics. A functional, user-friendly website engages and educates potential clients with dynamic infographics, and athletic ads also make a winning first impression online. Cryoxcel is now poised to revolutionize sports medicine with a brand that truly champions the needs of modern athletes.

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