Eladon Wine

Taste making. An elegantly restrained brand for a mother and son team of California vignerons dedicated to the purest methods of wine making.

Eladon is a mother and son team of winemakers who are changing the landscape of California wine country with the highest caliber farming practices and the purest methods of grape growing. Our flourishing partnership with Eladon started at the beginning of their winemaking journey and continues to thrive with each new milestone. Tatum Design crafted a taste-making brand for Eladon before their first bottle of wine was produced.

We established the vision and voice of the new company with an elegant, unexpected name. Wine naming is one of the most challenging feats because the entire world competes for singular, unique names in this crowded industry. Through our rigorous naming process, we discovered a fascinating old world myth of a never-sleeping dragon named Ladon who guarded golden apples in an ancient, sacred garden. Ladon, the keeper of treasures, inspired the company’s fabled name and logo symbol.

Tatum Design is carefully nurturing every extension of the Eladon brand. We created and produced three beautifully illustrative wine bottle designs for the first release. The wine bottle packaging has received several awards on the local and regional levels. It subtly complements the colors and flavors of the powerful, complex and long-lived blends. We also designed and developed a membership website to promote the Eladon brand. Our team is stewarding the Eladon wine brand with the same level of care the winemakers pour into tending their vineyards.

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