Michael G. Imber Architects

Art appreciation. Brand website and visuals artistically reflecting the style and sensibilities of a great American architect.

Michael Imber is a great American architect with a devoted national following. His studio, Michael G. Imber Architects, is a modern, classical firm based in the vibrant city of San Antonio, Texas. As a talented architect and watercolorist, his work is creatively connected to natural landscapes. His goal is always to steward the beauty of natural environments and create buildings that inspire future generations with a deep respect of the culture and history of the land. Tatum Design partnered with Imber to create a visually-driven, architecture website showcasing his work. Our vision was to maintain the integrity of his architectural style and sensibilities with an authentic, artistic website.

Custom work is the mainstay of his business, so the website is tailor-made to his audience. Each page is a testament to his incredible artistry. His original watercolors of projects are featured prominently as an unexpected graphic device throughout the website. The entire website honors his commitment to the classical tradition of residential architecture, civic buildings and neighborhood design with non-intrusive, minimal designs. Our website design and development work positioned Imber as a master of culture, landscape, material and craftsmanship in the field of architecture. From what we’ve heard, it continually impresses the most discerning designers, architects and clients while maintaining the architect’s humble, honest persona that has made him so famous.

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