Oakley Commercial Flooring

From the ground up. Rolling out an iconic new brand for an established commercial flooring company.

Oakley Commercial Flooring is a multi-generational, family-owned company grounded in hard work and high standards. This custom flooring business is a vital part of the design community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tatum Design created a new flooring brand for Oakley from the ground up and also designed an effective roll out plan.

The logo symbol reinforces the Oakley family’s good name with a bold type treatment. A footprint of a shoe is carved into the “O” of the logo as a subtle nod to the flooring industry. This type-driven brand identity along with the company tagline, “A Step Above,” positioned Oakley as the leading authority in commercial flooring.

For refreshing modern appeal, a cheerful and contemporary color palette is utilized in vehicle, apparel and collateral designs. The updated aesthetic resonates with rising designers who are looking to make their mark on the industry. Sleek sales materials instill confidence in the company, and each customer touchpoint is simplified for a better service experience. Through our collaboration with Oakley, we created an iconic new flooring brand that positioned the company to steamroll the competition. 

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